Around the world in 80 minutes.

With a population of 2,333,054, Queens is the second most populated county in NY. With half of it’s residents foreign born, no wonder it is called the global melting pot of the United States. Every year the Queens Hall of Science hosts The Queens International Night Market.

A large, family oriented outdoor  market, featuring various vendors selling merchandise, art, and food and small-scale cultural performances, the night market celebrates the rich cultural diversity and heritage of the melting pot known as Queens, New York.  Chicken from the stands of Eemas Cuisine(Haiwaiin)

Home made Thai ice tea

Karl’s balls (takoyaki) Deep fried Japanese octopus balls.

It was relatively inexpensive, as it was free to get in and most of the dishes costing a mere $5. We got there pretty early, were able to beat the lines, get a taste of all the deliciousness and make it out in 80 minutes right before the rain started.


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