Ski Gear

When it comes to preparing for a ski trip, the cold is no joke! Especially if you’re like me and start to feel a chill at anything below 75 degrees. Here’s a list of ski essentials:

  • A heavy coat/Ski Jacket

If you’re from down South, the little flimsy thing you wear to the park, is not enough. INVEST IN A COAT. This is imperative or you will come back with frostbite or be unable to participate in any outdoor activity as the temperatures remained 12 degrees and below. Your ski jacket should be waterproof, windproof, come up to your wrists and come up to your chin when zipped.

  • Ski Pants/Bib

These pants offer warmth in a lightweight, low bulk garment. They also provide adjustable comfort suspenders for the perfect fit with elasticized side gusts for maximum motion especially for when you’re flying down the slopes.

  • Hand Warmers

I discovered the hand warmers while I was on this trip and they were lifesavers. They’re similar to a heating pack that you place in your pockets or boots that provide up to 8 hours of warmth.

  • Goggles/Sunglasses

These are the most forgotten items but prove to be very necessary in protecting your eyes when going down the windy slopes.

  • Socks & Boots

Socks should be made of Lycra, nylon or other synthetic materials. NO COTTON as cotton retains water. Boots should have rubber soles, no heels as comfort and warmth are key for this trip, not fashion.

  • Thermals

Thermals should consist of turtleneck or long sleeve synthetic shirts under sweaters and fleece in order to maintain optimal body temperature.


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2 thoughts on “Ski Gear

  1. I would add that the boots are one place to really spend some cash. I’ve had cheap boots my whole life and just picked up a $200 pair of Rocky boots for hunting. They’re freaking amazing. I’ll never go back to cheap boots.

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