Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Guys can be tricky to buy gifts for, especially on such a holiday as Valentine’s Day. If you want to get him something besides candy and stuffed animals, there are plenty of other, more unique guy-friendly options to look out for. Just in case you’re having a little trouble deciding what that perfect gift might be, here are a few suggestions.

1. Beard essentials


The internet is raving with the hashtag #BeardGang. If your special guy is sporting a trendy beard or goatee, help him tame his with all-natural beard oils, scented with organic essential oils. The Mod Cabin offers a variety of soaps and oils as well as grooming accessories. A lot of guys don’t know what tools to use when starting their beard journey, so give him a jump start.

2. Cuff links


You know how girls gets really excited when they receive a bracelet with his name on it?  Have him walk around with your heart on his sleeves, literally, with a pair of personalized cufflinks. You can choose to only engrave his or go the distance with a combination of both your initials.

3. Wireless headphones

A pair of wireless headphones are essential for those intense days at the gym, long commutes home or for the avid gamer. If you want to make it all the way to “wife/girlfriend of the year” make him a playlist of all his favorite songs since high school.


4. Tickets to See His Favorite Sports Team


If he is like my guy and loves all forms of sports, get him a StubHub gift card and let him pick the game.


For other last minute gift ideas head over to ManCrates where you are almost guaranteed to find that perfect gift for any occasion for the special guy(s) in your life.

Guys, what are some great gifts you’ve received? comment below


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