Six Tips For Healthier Natural Hair

  1. 1. Avoid Overspending on Products

When I first transitioned back to being natural, I would order every product posted on Instagram, and leave Target and Walgreen with bags full of hair products only to try them once or twice and add them to my shelf of “nah, not that one”. I ended up spending hundreds on products that did not match well with my hair and were often overpriced. Avoid overspending on different kinds of products. While it’s tempting to stockpile various natural hair products (especially if you’re just transitioning your hair), you might be wasting money on things you don’t actually need. I would spend hours on YouTube, watching girls giving amazing reviews for products that never seemed to work for me. It’s best to instead, only take advice from someone who has a similar texture to yours. Choosing products for your hair type is important and makes a big difference in hair growth and strength. Incorporate one new product at a time in order to determine effectiveness.pexels-photo-763191

2. Condition

One of the best things you can do for natural hair is conditioning.  This includes conditioning in the shower, deep conditioners and leave in conditioners. Leave-in conditioners are a great way to re-hydrate and bring moisture to otherwise dull lifeless hair.pexels-photo-573317

3. Cool Rinse

As girls, we are known for our love of hot showers. Quite frankly cold showers are not fun to anyone. However, when rinsing your hair it’s best to use cool or cold water.  Heat from the hot water essentially melts off all the conditioning elements when rinsed with hot water. The cooler temperatures allows all the ingredients of your conditioner   to stick to your hair for a longer-lasting effect. No matter how great the ingredients or how much you spend on the product, it is useless if you’re literally washing it down the drain.shower-shower-head-water-drop-of-water-161502.jpeg

4. Detangling

To avoid hair from becoming matted and tangled which will result in hair loss, detangle while in the shower with hair fully saturated in conditioner. The equipment used on hair such as heat, combs, and brushes are just as important as the products. Find the right comb or Denman brush for your hair texture, section hair into small parts and detangle with patience and care.


5. Styles and techniques

Stick to the pyramid. This hair pyramid categorizes things that we do to our hair and recommended frequency. Avoid tight ponytails to avoid stress at the hairlines. Nighttime routines should always include covering hair with a satin cap or pillowcase

natural hair care tips and tricks


How do you maintain your locs? Share your hair tips down below


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