Signs That It Is Time To lose The Weight

Obesity is a serious health issue, but you can’t just look straight to your BMI to tell you whether or not you’re overweight; that little index number doesn’t take into consideration things like your build, your metabolism, your lifestyle, and all sorts of other things. But there are some hard and fast signals from your body that it might just be time to look into losing a couple of pounds.

You get winded walking up stairs

If you get winded walking up the stairs or doing every day activities, it could be due to weight gain. The National Institute of Health reports that the respiratory capacity decreases as you gain weight. Breathlessness can be associated with inactivity, a sign that your heart and lungs aren’t getting the workout they need to work their best.

Your joints hurt

If your knees, hips and back ache, is it due to extra weight that you are carrying around? Excess weight puts pressure on joints and can wear down the tissue around them, making joints ache and movement uncomfortable.

Your doctor says you have high blood pressure and cholesterol and/or you are told you are borderline diabetic.
Excess fat, particularly belly fat, can increase your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and result in high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The good news is weight loss can bring these numbers back into a healthy range.

Loud snoring with gasping sounds can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a condition where your breathing stops repeatedly for 10 seconds or more while you sleep. It can be caused by you putting on excess weight, and your body storing that weight in the form of fat around the neck. This narrows your breathing passages, causing your breathing to become shallow or stop while you are sleeping.

No more favorite jeans
You notice your clothes don’t fit anymore. You love slipping on your comfy jeans until they are no longer comfy. If your jeans are suddenly too tight or they don’t fit at all, it’s likely a sign you’ve put on some weight. Your favorite jeans can be a gauge to your weight gain.


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4 thoughts on “Signs That It Is Time To lose The Weight

    1. Girl!, you are not the only one. Now we need to start doing something about it.😫

      I started this challenge for myself 30X30X30.
      30 min of cardio for 30 days to try and lose 30lbs. Started on the 25th of March so far, I have been sticking to it. 🤞🏽


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