Too Much Social Media?

Here are eight signs that social media use is taking a toll on your quality of life and emotional wellness.cellular-education-classroom-159844

  1. Feeling a need to share everything that you’re doing offline on social media.
  2. Negatively comparing yourself to others via their social media content.
  3. Focusing on you shortcomings while scrolling through someone else social media feed.
  4. Experiencing “FOMO” or fear of missing out during or after viewing others’ online activity.
  5. Decrease ability to concentrate.
  6. Irregular sleeping pattern.
  7. Increase or unusual social anxiety when interacting with others offline.
  8. Using social media as your prime leisure activity.

How Do you unplug? comment below.pexels-photo-433617


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One thought on “Too Much Social Media?

  1. I take days off at a time. If my schedule doesn’t allow for days, I take blocks out of my day to unplug. My audible phone notifications (besides actual ringing/incoming calls) are always turned off.


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