5 Things to Know Before You go White Water Rafting In Leigh River

This Saturday I had the opportunity of going on a white water rafting trip that was hosted by Boom-Boom Entertainment NYC. This was my second time going and it was just as exciting as my first. The Leigh River, which is located in the Poconos, is approximately 2.5hrs away from NYC. The River itself is 19 miles long and we spent approximately 3-4 hours on the water. Unlike the first time, I was better equipped both physically and mentally the second time around. Below is a list of five things that are an absolute must if you are planning your first white water rafting trip.


Getting a good night’s rest the night before is the first step in preparing for your day on the river. Rafting, similar to hiking and cycling, is an outdoor sport, and like everything else there will be risks. You will need to be alert and not fatigued in order to enjoy the entire trip. Remember you will be actively paddling for at least 4hrs, and if you are not someone who exercises regularly, you can become worn out early. We had to meet the team at 6 AM, in order to depart by 7AM and check in on time for the trip down the river.


Since it is summer, flip flops are a big part of our daily wear. However, it’s best that you wear footwear that can be secured. Sandals that have a strap that goes around your heel would be best. Water shoes would be great as well as an old pair of sneakers. I preferred the sneakers as it provided better protection against rocks. You will not be permitted to get into the rafts with loose fitting sandals, crocs or flip-flops.



Bring a change of clothing, because the chances of you getting wet is 100%! A t-shirt and a pair of shorts are your best bet. Also, keep in mind that you will be out in the sun for 3-4hrs. So, full body coverage with sunscreen with SPF 15 or more is recommended. An old baseball cap and sunglasses with straps (they will fall) will also be helpful. Wet suits are available for rent on site for approximately $20.img_9019


Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to know how to swim to participate. Everyone is provided a personal flotation device that must be worn securely during your trip.

                                                               Travel lightFullSizeRender (1)

Keep in mind that the rafts are small, typically only have room for 5-6 people, and does not have room for much else. A small snack and water can be brought on board and will be kept in a water-tight sealed container on the raft. Everyone’s lunch is stored in the same bucket, so do not bring any overly large containers. We each brought a sandwich, bag of chips and a 16 oz. water bottle, and all fit perfectly. Do not bring anything on board that is not water proof or cannot be tied to your person.IMG_9023

White water rafting is definitely one of those repeat experiences that I plan on doing at least once a year. If you’re in the NYC area, I definitely recommend contacting Freddie from Boom-Boom Entertainment NYC, who coordinated our trip. Total cost of the trip was $110/pp. which included round trip transportation in a private bus, rafting on the river, a souvenir, breakfast, unlimited snacks and beverages en route to and from the city, as well as lunch. The cost for the trip if you decide to travel on your own is $60/pp, so it comes out much cheaper if you contact Boom-Boom entertainment. I also hate driving and after being on the river all day, I could not imagine having to drive back down to New York on my own.FullSizeRender (2)


5 ways to save money for your dream vacation.


  • Research
    1. Choose where you want to go, and find out their peak season and chose dates that do not fall during that time frame. The key to finding the cheapest air tickets is to identify the season with the lowest passenger demand. Visiting during the least popular times, tend to be less expensive.Sign up for a few email alerts from travel companies and airlines that share flash sales and limited-time-only offers. You’d be surprised at the deals you can find.        Don’t sleep on sites like Groupon… check out this deal!
  • Vacation savings account  

A trip to the beach could be in your future, so start saving now..

  1. Open up a separate account just for vacation, and designate a fixed amount that you’re willing to put away every month towards that dream vacation.
  • Cut back on luxuries like eating out
    1. Going out to eat French food at the pricey French restaurant in your city VS. saving enough to eat French food in FRANCE…?
  • Sell your used items
  1. That expensive pocket book that you were crazy enough to spend your entire Tax refund check on three years ago, may be worth a 3 day vacation to the Caribbean.

Get another Gig

  1. As a nurse I used to pick up an extra shift per month and save all the extra money towards my yearly vacation. A lot of fellow bloggers said that they started driving Uber. I hate driving, so this was not much of an option for me.

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My very first trip on the blog MUST be the land of salsa, Castro and Cigars-CUBA!





The preparation

My college girlfriend and I have been traveling for years, and most of our trips were booked almost spur of the moment. Our recent trip to Havana, Cuba was no different. We found many flights with JetBlue less than $200 per person round trip, but the dates did not fit both of our schedules. We ended flying with Delta for $400 round trip, We were so in there!



Walking down any city block in Havana one will be sure to spot one of these. It signifies casa particular. In the late 90’s the Cuban government lifted a ban allowing Cuban residents to rent rooms in their houses to tourists, called Casas Particulares. My friend and I stayed at Casa Martha e Israel, where we paid $140 total for 5 nights and daily breakfast for two people. A round trip flight to Cuba from NYC ranges from $15 Still think you can’t afford to travel?


There are two forms of currency accepted in Cuba. The CUC$ and the  the CUP. We found that the CUC is used most by foreigners and the CUP by the locals. Currently $1 USD is equivalent $1 Cuban CUC. Goods were found to be relatively inexpensive when compared to the US, especially if your remember to never accept the first offer.. My friend managed to eat an entire meal of rice chicken and salad for $3USD! Cubans may not feel the same, as the average Cuban salary in 2015 was $19 USD/month.

The OLDSmobiles that line Cuba’s street make you feel as though you’ve traveled back in time. The streets of Cuba are a car lover’s paradise. Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel placed a ban on importing foreign cars or parts. As a result all of the cars found on Cuban streets are not only straight from the 1950s, but most come with original parts. Since taking over from his late brother, Raul Castro have since lifted the ban, allowing Cuban citizens to purchase foreign cars, that is as long as they are willing and able to pay the hefty taxes. Taxes that can bring the price of a car from $30,000 to $300,000. With prices like these, I think it’s safe to say Cuba’s classic car parade is here to stay. At least for now.


Walking around Havana it was easy to see the different cultural and political influences in Cuban architecture. “The influences from different styles of Moorish, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Roman found in Cuba’s architecture mirrors its rich social and political history from the graceful colonial baroque period to its modern towering blocks”.

Che’s house. Located at Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, Havana, Cuba.

Enter a caption

Che’s house. Located at Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, Havana, Cuba.
Ernesto Che Guevara is a name almost synonymous with Fidel’s because of his pivotal role that he played in the Cuban Revolution. His image, like Fidel’s is often captured in paintings, statues and even in music around Cuba. TIME magazine has even named him one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. La Cabana de Che provides an excellent view of old Havana.


Cuba, like many of its counterparts is a country well known for its art. After the revolution most artists felt it best to leave Cuba. Those who remained faced censorship, as their art was sponsored by the government. Censorship meant artists could not draw, sculpt or sing anything that could be interpreted as anti revolution. It is not until the 80’s did art truest begin to reflect the artists expression. I found this statue in old Havana at the plaza vieja. Made entirely out of bronze it is a woman fully nude with the exception of her closed toe shoes, riding a huge chicken and carrying a giant fork. No one could really tell us what the statue represents. Perhaps the fork is an invitation to all the delicious restaurants and bars like Azucar bar (who has the best pina coladas in life!) located in the square, or the fork is what she uses to keep the rooster in check.


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